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Washington D.C., United StatesMary Timony’s Ex Hex Rips into Power Pop

Mary Timony’s Ex Hex Rips into Power Pop

August 25, 2014
Oh, Mary Timony. She’s unfailing in every one of her rock ‘n’ roll efforts, from the Mary Timony Band to Wild Flag to Autoclave and Helium back in the '90s. Be it nuances of math rock or jangle-pop or punk, Timony’s stellar touch is steadfast. Maybe the...
Reviewed: Diana Fuentes’ Planeta Planetario

Reviewed: Diana Fuentes' Planeta Planetario

August 25, 2014
Bright-eyed and heavily decorated, singer-songwriter Diana Fuentes is well on her way to becoming Cuba’s next national treasure. She was practically bred for it, having been classically trained at...
Hamilton, New ZealandReviewed: Kimbra’s Golden Echo

Reviewed: Kimbra's Golden Echo

August 22, 2014
Though her blend of R&B, pop, neo-soul, and jazz was, for the most part, difficult to categorize on her debut album Vows, Kimbra also wore her influences on her sleeve such that they were always easy to pick out of even her most adventurous fusions. Not...
Albany, United StatesSelf Defense Family: Post-Punk for Ex-Punks

Self Defense Family: Post-Punk for Ex-Punks

August 21, 2014
The Self Defense Family is quite a big one. Formerly known as End of a Year, the family’s grown to encompass about 16 members scattered across the United States, United Kingdom and Iceland, swapping out...