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No Bagpipes: 8 New Irish Rock Bands to Lose It To

No Bagpipes: 8 New Irish Rock Bands to Lose It To

April 24, 2014
Words by Robert Moore In the digital age, it is easier than ever for young bands to soak up disparate musical influences, overcoming whatever geographic or scene-specific hurdles may have existed...
Durham, United StatesSylvan Esso’s Electro-Alchemy Unites Opposites

Sylvan Esso's Electro-Alchemy Unites Opposites

April 24, 2014
Name: Sylvan Esso (Amelia Randall Meath and Nicholas Sanborn) Where They’re From:  Durham, North Carolina When They Started: 2013 Genre: Patchwork Electronic Pop For Fans Of:  Braids,...
Melbourne, AustraliaGossling Debuts with a Solo Harvest of Gold

Gossling Debuts with a Solo Harvest of Gold

April 23, 2014
Name: Gossling Where She’s From: Melbourne, Australia When She Started: 2009 Genre: Electronic pop For Fans Of: Robyn, Lana del Rey, Lykke Li Sounds Like: Quiet gold It’s extremely...
Johannesburg, South AfricaInvest in Emmy Gee’s Currency Exchange Rap

Invest in Emmy Gee's Currency Exchange Rap

April 22, 2014
Name: Emmy Gee Where He's From: Born in Nigeria, but based in Johannesburg Genre: Hip-hop For Fans of: Ice Prince, E.L, Wizkid, Wande Coal Sounds Like: "All I care about is money and the city...
San Juan, Puerto RicoFüete Billëte: Fresh Baked Hip-Hop

Füete Billëte: Fresh Baked Hip-Hop

April 21, 2014
Name: Füete Billëte Where They’re From: San Juan, Puerto Rico When They Started: 2013 Genre: Perreo-friendly Hip-Hop For Fans Of: Los Rakas, A$AP Rocky, Calle 13, hotboxing Sounds Like: Pussy, Money, Weed It would be an understatement...
New York City, United StatesHousehold Kicks Out the Sour Post-Punk Jams

Household Kicks Out the Sour Post-Punk Jams

April 18, 2014
Name: Household Where They're From: NYC Genre: minimalist punk For Fans Of: Slant 6, Grass Widow Sounds Like: Bratmobile’s little sisters DIY punkers Household avoided the sophomore slump...
Copenhagen, DenmarkBroken Twin: Folk Made of Wide Open Spaces

Broken Twin: Folk Made of Wide Open Spaces

April 17, 2014
Name: Majke Voss Romme Where She’s From: Copenhagen, Denmark When She Started: 2012 Genre: Alt-folk For Fans Of: The stripped-down songs of Bat for Lashes, Mechanical Bride, and other Kate...
Nottingham, United KingdomAmber Run — “Spark”
Music Video

Amber Run -- "Spark"

The video for Amber Run’s “Spark” follows a young boy as he wanders around with a giant cardboard robot. The song’s charming melody reaches a high-intensity climax as the boy has to choose between his imagination and reality.
Stockholm, SwedenGnucci — “WORK!”
Music Video

Gnucci -- "WORK!"

It’s hard to tell whether Sweden’s Gnucci is playing Big Brother or a revolutionary in the fantastically quirky video for “WORK!” Her disembodied head barks orders at us over a seductive bass-driven beat. Is this a sly comment on her experience in the...
London, United KingdomCalvin Harris — “Summer”
Music Video

Calvin Harris -- "Summer"

Calvin Harris lets us know what gets his heart racing in his video for “Summer.” And no, it’s not the heat. It’s beautiful women and his need for speed.
Dublin, IrelandDarling — “Sail Away”
Music Video

Darling -- "Sail Away"

The Irish duo Darling present a video about resilience and accepting the help of others for their song “Sail Away.” The subtle, uplifting vocals and robust guitar riffs add to the meaning of the clip.
Haifa, IsraelDavid Broza Promotes Peace Through His Music

David Broza Promotes Peace Through His Music

Israeli folk rocker and peace activist David Broza began his career busking in cafes while serving in the Israel Defense Forces. Originally from Haifa, he’s famous in his native country for hit songs...