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Staffordshire, United KingdomXO Makes the UK’s Club Sounds His Own

XO Makes the UK's Club Sounds His Own

December 18, 2014
If a trend exists in the United Kingdom's numerous sonically-rich electronic music scenes, it would seem to be that its artists are getting younger and younger. So it is with XO, AKA Sunil Heera, a 19-year old electronic music producer who is making...
Washington D.C., United StatesLadies First: Make Way for Barf Troop

Ladies First: Make Way for Barf Troop

December 17, 2014
We know what you're thinking: is Barf Troop just another long-running, obscure internet joke? It might be only that, if it weren’t also possible that this DIY collective of teen girl MCs may be one of the next best things to happen in hip-hop. Like many...
13 Women DJs You Didn’t Know Are #Killingit

13 Women DJs You Didn't Know Are #Killingit

December 16, 2014
EDM golden boy Deadmau5 caused a bit of controversy recently after he made some disparaging comments about Paris Hilton and her involvement with EDM culture. Miss Hilton's retort dodged feminist rhetoric...
Portmore, JamaicaDuppy Gun: Deep Space Dub from a Strange Planet

Duppy Gun: Deep Space Dub from a Strange Planet

December 16, 2014
Duppy Gun is a project that unites two very different worlds, and the result — Duppy Gun Productions Volume 1 — in turn sounds like nothing ever produced in either. The 16-track LP, out now on Stones...
The Best Music Videos of 2014
Music Video

The Best Music Videos of 2014

While flipping through this year’s music videos, we’ve presented some delicious, ingenious, and outlandish visuals from across the globe. Now we bring you the very best of 2014. Innovative Aussie singer Sia delivers an impressive, vivacious video...