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London, United KingdomLoosen Up with Only Real’s Slacker Skate Pop

Loosen Up with Only Real's Slacker Skate Pop

September 29, 2014
Although Only Real sounds like the work of a bunch of dudes getting stoned and making music in their parent’s basement — or maybe their surfboard-filled garage in Cali — it's actually the work of Niall...
London, United KingdomA Glimpse Inside the Mind of Professor Green

A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Professor Green

September 26, 2014
First emerging onto the scene some four years ago by quickly establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in battle rap, Professor Green has consistently remained at the top of his game.
Melbourne, AustraliaTwerps’ Take on Jangle-Pop is Perfectly Flawed

Twerps' Take on Jangle-Pop is Perfectly Flawed

September 26, 2014
You know when you've got a ton of tabs open and all of the sudden there's two songs playing at once? At times, that's what Twerps sounds like. Surprisingly, though, the cacophony actually works in their...
New York City, United StatesMASA: En Route to Electro Rock Greatness

MASA: En Route to Electro Rock Greatness

September 25, 2014
We really don’t know if they’re referring to the doughy kind of masa or the massive -- when you translate the band’s name to English -- but let’s presume the latter. After all, since its inception, MASA is destined for greatness.
Melbourne, AustraliaAusmuteants Wisely Do Silly Synth-Punk

Ausmuteants Wisely Do Silly Synth-Punk

September 24, 2014
Deep and brooding synth is inherently stylish, but Ausmuteants want nothing to do with that. This Australian bunch seesaws between absurdities and a lazy, anti-everything sentiment that suggests they've got it all figured out. Pretty much everything's a...