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Bangalore, IndiaBevar Sea’s Doom Metal is Pretty Deep

Bevar Sea's Doom Metal is Pretty Deep

September 16, 2014
Doom metal is often caught in extremes, and while we love those to death, sometimes life calls for a golden medium. India's Bevar Sea deliver just that, splicing together classic, catchy riffs with genuine attitude. Roaring proudly out of Bengaluru,...
Tokyo, JapanA Star Graduates: Atsuko Maeda on Life After AKB48

A Star Graduates: Atsuko Maeda on Life After AKB48

September 15, 2014
You may not have heard of Atsuko Maeda, but you’ve probably heard of AKB48, the Japanese idol-pop unit in which she rose to fame. The group’s sprawling lineup has changed repeatedly over the years, but...
Seoul, South KoreaPuer Kim — “Bank”
Music Video

Puer Kim -- "Bank"

Puer Kim offers up a slice of advice to all the struggling women in their twenties with "Bank," the lead single off her first EP, Purifier. The jazzy vintage-sounding track tells us not to lose hope, because hard work and a positive attitude will pile...