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Seoul, South KoreaOverdose on Orange Caramel’s Quirky K-pop Chaos

Overdose on Orange Caramel's Quirky K-pop Chaos

November 19, 2014
While most K-pop groups look west for their sound and fashion, Orange Caramel keeps its concept local. The trio has its retro roots in Korean trot music, which paired with their sparkly and cartoonish...
Stockholm, Swedeniamamiwhoami Makes Daydreams Her Reality

iamamiwhoami Makes Daydreams Her Reality

November 18, 2014
As iamamiwhoami, Joanna Lee crafts electropop that seems to twist and turn based on on its own internal logic. Sometimes ethereal, other times a wrathful blast of noise, her three albums of material all seem to spring from a parallel universe, where...