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Edinburgh, United KingdomJakil: Dance Pop Made with Soul

Jakil: Dance Pop Made with Soul

October 16, 2014
Sure, the Edinburgh-born, dance pop mates may look like American Apparel models because they dress in lackadaisical, hipster garb and cultivate a fresh vibe as they jam out, as shown in their latest video and single, “Istanbul.”
Copenhagen, DenmarkIcon: King Diamond Embraces Life

Icon: King Diamond Embraces Life

For the past 40 years, King Diamond has made pronounced impact in the metal scene for a number of reasons. As the vocalist for Denmark’s Mercyful Fate, his impressive vocal range — ranging from a high falsetto to a sneering growl — has both electrified...
Bogotá, ColombiaDrift into Ambient Bliss with Salt Cathedral

Drift into Ambient Bliss with Salt Cathedral

About a year and half ago, Brooklyn-based band Il Abanico changed their name to Salt Cathedral, an homage to the enigmatic underground cathedral built within the tunnels of a salt mine in Zipaquirá,...
London, United KingdomMoelogo’s London Afrobeats Are the Baddest

Moelogo’s London Afrobeats Are the Baddest

For years the UK has been cultivating its flourishing Afrobeats scene. There’s something about the kind of beats that are inspired by mother Africa that can make it feel like the sun has come out — and...