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Paris, FranceStarwalker Make Cool Their Business

Starwalker Make Cool Their Business

Listening to Starwalker is like eavesdropping on the world’s coolest cocktail party. Which, given electro-daydream sonic pallet of its two members’ main projects (Air and Bang Gang) isn’t wholly unexpected. But with their new collaboration, Jean-Benoît...
Stockholm, Swedeniamamiwhoami Makes Daydreams Her Reality

iamamiwhoami Makes Daydreams Her Reality

As iamamiwhoami, Joanna Lee crafts electropop that seems to twist and turn based on on its own internal logic. Sometimes ethereal, other times a wrathful blast of noise, her three albums of material all seem to spring from a parallel universe, where...
Purchase, United StatesMitski is an Underdog Worth Rooting For

Mitski is an Underdog Worth Rooting For

Singer-songwriter Mitski's latest album Bury Me At Makeout Creek captures both the severe self-loathing and unwavering, childlike aspiration of underdogs everywhere. Adopting the syrupy croon of a young Patsy Cline, supplemented by the lo-fi, volatility...
Amsterdam, NetherlandsChuckie Keeps Dirty Dutch Sounding Fresh

Chuckie Keeps Dirty Dutch Sounding Fresh

Hard to believe, but Holland's superstar DJ Chuckie has been at it for over 10 years now. In that time, the Suriname-born workhorse has laid the groundwork for moombahton with tracks like “Let The Bass Kick” and “Moombah,” remixed Michael Jackson and...