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Alex June’s Electropop Will Lift You Up And Carry You Away

Alex June’s Electropop Will Lift You Up And Carry You Away
Photo courtesy of Lentonia Records

Multilingual Mind Manifesting Art Pop

By Beverly Bryan
November 30, 2012

Name: Alex June (Alejandra Felmer)

Where They’re From: Paris, France

When They Started: 2011

Genre: Arty Electropop

Most Similar: Grimes, Bat For Lashes

Sounds Like: Sailing to the stars in a ship of synth

Visual artist and musician Alejandra Felmer is embarking on a solo journey under the name Alex June, but we want to go with her. Born in France, raised in Chile, now based in Paris, the electropop audionaut makes music that calls to mind the topography of inner space, or even another plane entirely. Her debut EP Plan ẍ, out now on Lentonia Recordsis just four tracks, but the lyrics are in three different languages and the sonic experience is like going on a length astral voyage. Put it on and you’ll feel as though you covered a lot of ground by the end. Chances are though, you’ll feel revived, rather than tuckered out.

Felmer’s first band The Babysitters came to an end when the other two members moved back to Chile, leaving her to explore on her own. Her output since then shows a powerful sense of direction, and an unconventional aesthetic sense, perhaps informed by her art background. On the track “Alaviksertaxz” layers of rhythm, synth and Felmer’s ornately arranged vocals evoke the gilded, multicolored expanses of a Gustav Klimpt painting, only acid-bright, three dimensional, made of soft feathers, animated like a GIF and happening inside you. Put more simply, it’s psychedelic in a way that affects the heart as much as the mind.

Even the more minimal tracks suggest subtle internal states, like the one where you stuck for a second between ending a really good dream and waking up to a pretty good morning. (At least that’s what we’re getting from “Amigo.”) Turn it on and go with her.

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