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All For A Vision’s Clear-Eyed HK Electro Rock

All For A Vision’s Clear-Eyed HK Electro Rock

A Fresh Look At Electronic Post-Hardcore

By Beverly Bryan
December 15, 2011

One of Hong Kong’s most refreshing new bands, All for A Vision takes the electronicore tactics of a heavily tattooed group like Asking Alexandria and retools them in the service of a more innocent perspective. Their recently released self-produced EP Reasons and Devices consists of four earnest yet vibrant and energetic songs that breath some fresh life into well-worn styles.

It’s a bit like the sweet (and resolutely emo) synth stylings of Matt and Kim souped up with electronic beats and a little screaming. One reason this sounds so fresh is that the songs are written with just the right amount of emotional honesty, but another is that the music is solidly rooted in underground dance styles. “You Call It Ambition (Stop Bitchin’)” smacks of dubstep, while “New Age Anthem” hints at drum and bass while paying due respect to screamo.

Bassist Austen Julien and guitarist Fortuna Hadley share the vocals and their reedy voices are a big part of what makes this debut so convincing. Their breathless sincerity sounds so strangely charming under that light coat of effects, but it can stand alone just as easily. “1056 Arterial” is a spare, acoustic song made for young insomniacs that just might make your mascara run if you let your guard down.

The band members say things got started when Julian and DJ MoDeKo started using their time in trigonometry class to draw sound system diagrams as high school juniors. Now in their senior year, they’ve teamed up with singer-songwriter Hadley and drummer Daniel Lau for a project that, indeed, shows a lot of vision. They’ve been gigging around Hong Kong in the midst of exams and turned up on the Underground HK Compilation CD 5.

Watch the video for “New Age Anthem” to how they’ve been able to stand out so quickly. You won’t know whether you want to dance or cuddle.

Photo courtesy of All for a Vision



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