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Artist of the Week: LA Electro Inventor Mike Gao

Artist of the Week: LA Electro Inventor Mike Gao

By toksala
March 22, 2011

All the votes are in, and Mike Gao i is MTV Iggy’s Artist of the Week!

Mike is equal parts is equal parts musician and inventor. When he’s not busy dropping stuttery hip hop beats, he’s inventing machines to do it for him.

The Chinese-American, LA-based producer has created several robots, which are sure to take over the world. He create Beatbox 2 MIDI, which allows you to trigger sounds using your mouth; Turntable Gestures, which allows you to control parameters using hand-on-vinyl motions, and the touch screen drum machine.

Mike Gao will grace the MTV Iggy homepage all week, with a writeup on! Read our Q&A here! Congratulations Mike!

Scroll down to listen to some of Mike’s tracks…simply titled “Actual Tracks” — meaning not-just-messing-around-with-his-new-toys tracks.

Actual Tracks by mikegao

Photo Courtesy of Mike Gao

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