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As They Burn’s Deathcore Lights Up Paris

As They Burn’s Deathcore Lights Up Paris
Photo courtesy of Victory Records

By Beverly Bryan
March 7, 2013

Name: As They Burn

Where they’re from: The Paris suburbs

When They Started: 2007

Genre: Progressive Metalcore

Most Similar: Meshuggah, Gojira

Sounds Like: Metalcore cracks a crazy smile

There are about a million ways to combine hardcore and metal, but the six young Parisians in As They Burn found a really good one. Their sophomore album and Victory records debut Will, Love, Life, due out next week, has the monstrous velocity and scream-along choruses of current metalcore. They’ve got enough brutal death metal riffs to level a city and the lyrics are darkly mystical. But there’s something unusually human, weird and fun in there despite their formidable technical powers. They subtly inject a little punk back into the hardcore punk-meets-metal equation.

Kevin Trevor’s vocals sometimes veer unpredictably from the expected monotone roar, rising and plummeting with emotion. And then there’s this rubbery, wild-eyed energy to the group in general that recalls hardcore’s first raw, rambunctious stampede in the ’80s. It’s a heavy invocation, true, but just listen to F.R.E.A.K.S. and see if you don’t want to Hulk-out and do a back flip into a mosh pit.

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