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Bands We Like: Peru’s Hardcore Rockers Plug-Plug

Bands We Like: Peru’s Hardcore Rockers Plug-Plug

By toksala
September 22, 2010

Wow, I couldn’t be madder at Peruvian rock trio Plug-Plug right now.

Just days after releasing an incredibly unique, hilarious, post-hardcore, prog-experimental bilingual rock album, they posted a neat little message online: “On Hiatus.”

Plug-Plug live. Photo Credit:MySpace

You’ve got to be kidding me!!

But if Plug-Plug’s incredibly prolific past says anything, (they released three albums in three years and they’ve rocked Peruvian clubs), they’ll be back soon enough. Little wonder why they needed a rest, though.

Their latest album, awesomely named Moo Mua Moo Cow Crazy Love is available for free in its entirety here. Like their other albums, this one combines some purely instrumental experimental rock tracks like “Descontaminacion Epica” (or “Epic Contamination”), which comes with a nifty animation video, with some shouty melodic hardcore alt-punk tracks like “Casino Royale.”

The shouting — along with the dreds on lead singer Garzo and the drummer Sandro — may at first glance belong in a 90′s throwback group or Zach de la Rocha wannabes. But the very unique band may be one of the first (certainly from Peru) to successfully combine so many elements of rock, while maintaining an excellent sense of humor.

And unlike some of the heroes of grunge past, these guys aren’t afraid to dress in drag.

So consider this my petition to keep Plug-Plug plugging along!

Download  Moo Mua Moo Cow Crazy Love here!

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