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Bands We Like: San Fran’s Super Chill Blackbird Blackbird

Bands We Like: San Fran’s Super Chill Blackbird Blackbird

By Beverly Bryan
April 15, 2011

Electronic dreampop doesn’t get much dreamier or more chilled out than San Francisco’s Blackbird Blackbird, AKA Mikey “Sanders” Maramag.

Neon Indian and Toro y Moi are cool and all, but if you want some tunes that will really lower your blood pressure without sacrificing that springy groove, Blackbird Blackbird is your guy. Call it superchillwave?

You can get lost in the endless bubbling, shimmery layers of his recordings but they’re far from being directionless soundscapes. There’s an unmistakable craftsmanship in his tracks that commands immediate respect, even as you let your senses float away. (If you really want to get lost, check out his girleidoscopic video for “Pure.”)

And you can definitely move to a number like “Starlight,” off Halo, his recently released collection of odds and ends. His proper debut album Summer Heart came out late last year and it’s even more full of jams. And just before that there was an EP where he remixed every sonic dreamer from Beach House to Warpaint. (He just remixed Lykke Li but we’re still hoping to see a Nite Jewel collab.) Yep, this kid is crazy prolific as well as crazy good.

He’s also crazy versatile. One track might sound like Ratatat with a lighter touch and the next one might remind you of a tighter Animal Collective pop round. Some of his songs are even kinda catchy. “Hawaii,” off Summer Heart, will get lodged in your ears for sure.

One more thing, he’s also pretty resourceful. The artist would like to release Halo properly and even physically, so he made a Kickstarter page in order to get the funding to record it professionally and release it independently. The way he sees it, why not let his fans “sign” him? One reason we bring this up is that his pitch video on the site is a sweet peek at Blackbird Blackbird’s full-band live show — set to his song “Heartbeat.”


Photo Credit:MTV Iggy/Ellis Bahl


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