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Bands We Like: Sheeqo Beat’s Monterrey 3Ball Rhythms

Bands We Like: Sheeqo Beat’s Monterrey 3Ball Rhythms

By Beverly Bryan
April 11, 2011

Sheeqo Beat is one third of the Monterrey, Mexico teenaged DJ/producer crew responsible for 3ball (say it like tree-ball.) The name traces its roots back to the word “tribal” and the sound has formed a tribe of Mexican kids who worship dancing.

Producers Sheeqo Beat, Erick Rincon, and DJ Otto have become the beat making proteges of none other than Monterrey’s Toy Selectah who is helping to expand their tribe across borders through his help with such projects as their free and soon to be seminal 3ball MTY EP. Since then, DJs from the US to France have been mixing 3ball sounds into their sets.

3ball started out a few years ago as tribal guarachero. Erick Rincón credits its creation to Mexico city producer Ricardo Reyna who began mixing house beats with pre-Hispanic sounds and drums. The current style, as practiced and popularized by the 3ball MTY Crew borrows freely from wherever but retains a simple but highly effective cantering rhythm and Latin samples.

Sheeqo Beat and his comrades mainly distribute their tracks free on the Web.  But, besides the EP, he’s contributed a remix to Toy Selectah’s recent EP Mex Machine and he’s remixed ruidoson vanguardists María y José and Los Macuanos. His remix of Far East Movement’s “Like a G6″ is also worth mentioning. Oh, yeah, and the trio have a regular habit of rocking all-ages parties in Monterrey.

Creating a new style of music with your friends before you are twenty is pretty cool. It’s even cooler if it catches on. And this one just might be catching on. Listen to Sheeqo Beat’s irresistible “No Pares” mix and it’s easy to see how this tribe could get to be very big. Electro plus poly-rhythms plus goofy samples is a pretty hard combination to not dance to.

No Pares (Sheeqo Beat Monterrey Madness 3ball Mix)

No Pares (Sheeqo Beat Madness 3Ball Mix) – Sheeqo Beat by Sheeqo Beat

Photo Credit:Cuauhtemoc Suárez

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