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Blast Off with Barcelona’s Pegasvs!

Blast Off with Barcelona’s Pegasvs!

Outerspace Kraut-pop for the kid in you

By Halley Bondy
January 10, 2013

Name: Pegasvs

Where they’re from: Barcelona, Spain

When they started: 2010

Genre: Kraut-pop

Most Similar:  Joy Division, Kraftwerk, The Raveonettes

Sounds Like: Outer space cruising, or the best 80s video game ever made.

Listening to Barcelona’s Pegasvs is deliciously restful, not in the sense that you want to lie down and bathe in the reverb — there’s too much abrasive synth and throbbing bass for that. It’s more like they’ve somehow bottled the feeling of being a child in the 80s looking at the stars, receiving imaginary, totally friendly transmissions.

Both progeny of punk rock bands and influenced by the 80s, Argentine vocalist Luciana Della Villa and Spanish producer Sergio Pérez actually came up with their name after stargazing in Asturias, Spain, and chancing upon the Pegasus constellation each night. So my assessment wasn’t terribly far off.

Their debut album Pegasvs is decidedly dreamy, with Della Villa’s basically whispering in Spanish in the distance. Despite the noise and Kraut-y space-age sounds, there’s very little darkness here. It just makes you feel like you’re swimming, and like shit’s okay, not like your creepy uncles Ian Curtis and Bauhaus are lurking somewhere.

So lie down on some grass, and stare up at some stars (or smog, as the case may be) turn on “Brillar” by Pegasvs off their new, self-titled album and blast off!

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