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Brooklyn’s AVAN LAVA Rescues Any Empty Dance Floor

Brooklyn’s AVAN LAVA Rescues Any Empty Dance Floor

New York's Best Kept Electro-pop Secret Revealed

By Lauren Zupkus
January 3, 2013


Where They’re From: Brooklyn, New York

When They Started: 2009

Genre: electropop, indie

Most Similar: Flight Facilities, Tom Tom Club

Sounds Like: Warehouse party disco

New Yorkers love a good secret. Speakeasies, shortcuts, backdoor entries… they’re the city’s little way of holding onto something undiscovered in a place where almost every restaurant, bar and boutique has a five-page Yelp review and a Zagat rating. Little wonder why NYC keeps Brooklyn-based bands like Avan Lava close to their vests; if Ziggy Stardust had a bachelor party, AVAN LAVA’s live performances would be the headlining act.

Maybe it’s because the band’s co-producer Ian Pai toured with Blue Man Group and Fischerspooner, or perhaps it’s the members’ mutual love for all things Prince, MJ and Daft Punk. Whatever the inspiration, AVAN LAVA channels a truly theatrical enterprise in their live shows, which pairs perfectly with their disco friendly, party anthem sound. Dazzling light shows, confetti rainstorms and crowd surfing on an inflatable raft are just a couple antics to expect from the six man group at one of their (often sold out) performances.

And while it’s hard not to mention the live spectacle that is AVAN LAVA, their music speaks for itself. Said to have outgrown the sleepy, sluggish chillwave performances that have become the norm in Brooklyn, AVAN LAVA’s musical mission is to get people back on the dance floor– and they’re succeeding. Lead vocalist Tom Hennes aka TC has a lush, stunning set of pipes that can switch from sweet, heart-melting whispers on tracks like “Sisters,” to soaring, strong power-belts on sassy, told-you-so tracks like “It’s Never Over.” Anchored by co-producers Le Chev and Ian Pai and with added help from musicians Andrew Schneider, Drew Citron and Jo Lampert, together the six form an infectiously danceable army that no wall-clinger has a prayer against.

Watch their newly released video for “Sisters,” a track off their latest EP Flex Fantasy that’s deservedly catching the attention of the masses. We doubt they will be under the radar for long. Sorry, NY.

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