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Chile Hip-Hop Duo KTR: 15 Years and Still From the Future

Chile Hip-Hop Duo KTR: 15 Years and Still From the Future

Experience the Intergalactic Side of Hip-Hop

By Halley Bondy
October 22, 2012

Name: K.T.R. (Rapper Ka and DJ/Producer Patoxhea)

Where They’re From: Santiago & Linares, Chile

When They Started: Solo: 1997, Duo: 2003

Genre: electro avant-hip-hop, beatmaking

Most Similar:  Sinjin Hawke, OutKast en Español

Sounds Like:  A most disorienting walk on the moon

Hip-hop was never intended for easy listening, yet few groups have deep-dived into the style’s more difficult, grittier aspects than K.T.R., a duo out of Chile that might as well hail from a distant galaxy.

KTR is Rapper Ka and DJ/Producer Patoxhea, two Chilean guys who started in the hip-hop scene as teens — one tinkering with lyrics, the other with cassette samples and ever-evolving computer programs. They got together in 2003, and they’ve since released three albums. Their fourth, Androides, draws from cumbia to dubstep to moombahton to all things tropical bass, with each track featuring a surreal, cosmic future-synth sound and master flow in Spanish.

It wouldn’t be entirely accurate to call these beats skittery in the J Dilla sense — in fact you can pretty much shake your ass successfully to the whole album. But there is something non-linear and mindfucking going on here that would make your dancefloor experience a tad…uneasy.  Like, “what planet is this shit beaming in from?” uneasy.

Stream Androides below to experience the weird yourself.

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