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Down Home Vibes from UK’s Jennifer Left

Down Home Vibes from UK’s Jennifer Left

By Halley Bondy
November 6, 2012

Name: Jennifer Left

Where She’s From: Brighton via Newcastle, UK

When she Started: 2012-ish

Genre: Folk pop

Most Similar: Zaz, Julia Stone

Sounds Like: A hoe-down. But one that makes you stand still in awe.

Combining bluegrass folk, swing, orchestral ballads, jazz and indie-pop, Brighton newcomer Jennifer Left is spanning some of America’s (and okay, the world’s) most precious music traditions from the last century. What is particularly fun about Jennifer Left — who has recently worked with artists on the Ninja Tune label such as Banks and Bonobo — is that, while her genre preferences are the marks of a big showperson, her music relishes more in subtlety and interesting details.

It’s music to swing to, curl up to, and tap your feet to, especially during those punctuated guitar songs like her new one “Diggory.” But you never quite feel completely at ease in her down home familiarity, since she’s prone to nonsequitir phrases and some pretty eerie glockenspiel.

Jennifer was born in Newcastle, and raised on the Beatles. Now living in Brighton, she has been slowly churning out singles and EPs since earlier this year, including “Black Dog” and the beautiful yet chilling waltz, “Hushabye.” Her latest EP Diggory features the titular track which premiered earlier this year, as well as a cover of New Order’s “Temptation,” and a remix by Banks. Hopefully the new year will bring a debut album from this rising star. Stream “Temptation” below, and click here to buy Diggory, which was released yesterday on Singing Hinny Music.

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