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Dutch Jazz Songstress Caro Emerald Is Quite the Gem

Dutch Jazz Songstress Caro Emerald Is Quite the Gem

Nostalgic Jazzy Pop from a Dutch Diva

By Lauren Zupkus
November 2, 2012

Name: Caro Emerald

Where She’s From: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

When She Started: 2007

Genre: Jazz pop

Most Similar: Joss Stone, Duffy

Sounds Like: Lovesick flappers 

If you don’t know who Caro Emerald is, you probably don’t live in the Netherlands. The jazz singer’s 2010 debut album Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor was pretty much impossible to escape there, setting a record for 30 weeks at number one on the Dutch album charts (beating Michael Jackson’s Thriller). Whoa.

Over two years later in August 2012, the critically acclaimed album finally hit US shelves, but hey, better late then never, right? And for those of you still in the dark on the Dutch songstress sweeping the jazz continent, one listen to her breakthrough track  “Back It Up” will leave you bopping your head in public (and if you’re like me, borderline obsessing.)

Emerald’s clean yet sultry vocals are the quintessence of easy listening, and the result sounds like an Amy Winehouse who never smoked cigarettes or a more feminine Joss Stone. Her bold, brassy sound clings to jazz roots but is modernized with the help of funky hip-hop beats, leaving listeners with a rare genre that you, your parents, and your grandparents to vibe to.

Her catchy, lovesick second single from the album, “A Night Like This,” might sound familiar, as its cinematic, alluring sound was the perfect soundtrack for a slew of advertisements, including a  trailer for an NBC Series The Playboy Club and the trailer for comedy 2 Days in New York starring Chris Rock and Julie Delpy.

Currently the singer is readying round two, writing songs for a new album in 2013 and planning out another tour, including US debut dates on November 13 in Los Angeles, and November 15 in New York (check her updates for more details). For now check out her colorful video for “That Man.”

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