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Five Guys Named Isadora

Five Guys Named Isadora

Brooklyn's Throwback...From The Future

By MTV Iggy
February 7, 2013

Name: Isadora

Where They’re from: Brooklyn, NY

When They Started: 2012

Genre: Psychedelic indie rock

Most Similar: Weezer, Andrew Bird, Radiohead

Sounds Like: Nu 90s alt-rock

Two are guitarists, one plays the bass, one’s a drummer and the last guy’s a classically trained violinist. They’re melancholy, pensive, and they have a chick’s name. They’re called Isadora, and their timeless jams could thrive anywhere from the back of a hotboxed van to an old timey saloon.

Isadora’s tracks are relatively electronics-free, towing the line between synth and screech, and always attacking each song with a hodgepodge of arrangements — from psychedelic meandering to jazz to Weezery melodies and back again. “Barcelona,” a track from their untitled February 19 EP, is a balancing act of pillow-soft stuff and big band sound — chorals and everything. It’s ambitious, but thankfully, mixed divinely.

But the boys wouldn’t be out of Brooklyn with out a little bit of grit. “On the Rights” is an acrobatic, scale-defying vocal act that concludes with a cocktail of pounding drums and badass bass.

Words by Khalea Underwood

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