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Frik-Out with Frikstailers’s Mad Cumbia

Frik-Out with Frikstailers’s Mad Cumbia

Argentina’s Frikstailers Will Cumbia On Your Face

By Marlon Bishop
January 31, 2013

Name: Frikstailers (that’s Freak-stylers to you Anglo folk out there)

Where They’re From: Córdoba, Argentina

Genre: Electro-cumbia, global bass

Most Similar: Chancha Via Circuito, Bomba Estereo

Sounds Like: UK/Chicago acid house re-imagined as electric cumbia party explosion, wearing a sparkling neon wig, in space

Frikstailers aren’t exactly new to the party: whether you knew it or not, they’ve been the party for years already. Since almost the very beginning of the Argentinean electro-cumbia movement , the DJ/producer duo has contributed some the genre’s principle dance floor killers. I’m going to go farther and say that a sick-nasty Frikstailers remix is one of few things you can count on these mean global bass streets. Major Lazer’s “Hold The Line”? Sick-nasty Frikstailers remix. El Guincho’s “Kalise”? Sick-nasty Frikstailers remix. Case rested.

The group is made up of  Rafa Caivano and Lisandro Sona, two adventurous producers who found each  other while playing around Córdoba, a party-rific Argentinean college town. They began to make tracks together, performing in a psycho-kitsch getup including glitter wigs and masks to amp up the crowd. Not long after, they moved to Buenos Aires and became mainstays of the ZZK nu-cumbia collective, leaving a trail of tasty remixes, EPs and mixtapes along the way. Most recently, they’ve relocated to Mexico City, spreading their neo-tropical gospel to yet another Latin American metropolis.

In February, Frikstailers will be dropping their first ever full-length album, En Son De Paz, and SPOILER ALERT: it’s very, very good. Tracks include the “Murga de Gauchin,” available for free download here, a no-nonsense cumbia for the space age full of fat-as-hell synth tones and driving drums. The result is an album that reminds us why we crushed on Frikstailers in the first place: of all the talented artists in the ZZK multiverse, they’ve always been the most likely to get us pumping our fist and shaking our assets at the club.

The albums isn’t out and about yet, but a bunch of the tracks are hidden within this new Frikstailers mixtape, the evocatively titled  ZZK Mixtape Vol.14. Wepa.

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