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Gato Preto Cordially Invites You to the Global Bass Ball

Gato Preto Cordially Invites You to the Global Bass Ball
Photo credit: Domenik Broich

This is global bass for the real world

By Beverly Bryan
January 23, 2013

Name: Gato Preto, Gata Misteriosa and Lee Bass

Where They’re From: Mozambique/Ghana/Portugal/Germany

When They Started: 2011

Sounds Like: Tropical bass smoothie with a powerful boost of good juju

Most Similar: Buraka Som Sistema, Zuzuka Poderosa

Gato Preto is an invitation, no, a challenge to dance. The Germany-based duo with respective roots in Africa throws down the gauntlet even as they don their party costumes. But those who accept the challenge should be prepared, this pair’s mix of African and Latin rhythms with modern beats like moombahton or their own term favela house, is as unpredictable as it is dependably irresistible. The rules are subject to change.

This is not global bass for blogs and message boards, these are hard, chunky beats for shaking physical dance floors, and never was this more true than on their most recent Musica di Gato Preto EP with its title track featuring Chicago’s MC Zulu. It’s booming electro house in a Carnivalesque vein, made for street parties.

Emcee Gata Misteriosa’s parents hail from Mozambique and she spent her early years dancing all night to kuduro, house and baile funk in the clubs of her native Portugal. Steeped in those sounds, today she spits molten Portuguese at the crowd, with lyrics as rooted in the streets as producer Lee Bass’ interpretations of global dance styles. With a Ghanaian radio DJ father, German-born Lee grew up with an embarrassment of rhythms in his ears himself. He grew up listening to everything from funk to highlife. These days, the he pushes the boundaries of global bass and electro house from a distinctly African perspective.

A live Gato Preto set is likely feature analog drummers and other musicians for that certain irreducible oomph and the band’s theatrical performances are becoming sought after on the European festival circuit. Like we said, if you catch them, prepare to dance, but, above all, be prepared.

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