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Get Lost But Happy in Jagwar Ma’s Psych-Pop

Get Lost But Happy in Jagwar Ma’s Psych-Pop

It's Retro Haze from Down Under

By Halley Bondy
January 30, 2013

Name: Jagwar Ma (Jono Ma and Gabriel Winterfield)

Where They’re from: Sydney, Australia

When They started: 2012

Genre: Psychedelic disco rock fun times

Most Similar: Animal Collective, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, The Beatles, Beach Boys, LCMDF, The Who….freaking everyone.

Sounds Like: The type of music that makes you say ‘be cool, everything’s groovy,’ when things are absolutely not cool or groovy.

The Aussie duo Jagwar Ma is new to bloglandia, but their very different, imminently likable singles bode well for their upcoming debut album, which is promised for later this year. And fear not, they’re not THAT green. Musician Jono Ma has been a member of the Sydney band Lost Valentinos for years, and has collaborated with the Foals.

Jagwar Ma already landed a spot on the Fifa 13 video game soundtrack in September with their pulsing, acid trip psych-electro track  “What Love,” but they’re far from one-trick ponies judging from the two new singles they’ve dropped upon the earth. Both are psychedelic retro mesmerizers, and they both devolve into spacey jams in the final moments. They also both come with cool visuals.

“Come Save Me” starts as a refreshing 60s bubble gum pop romp, then transforms into a Beatles-inspired hook circa Magical Mystery Tour. It’s fun to get lost in.

“The Throw,” which is officially out February 25, shows off Gabriel Winterfield’s falsetto.

Unsurprisingly, these guys have been completely tearing up Australia’s Big Day Out Festival, and we’ll surely hear more from them soon. In the meantime, groove on.

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