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Gothenburg, Sweden

Graveyard: Swedish For Hard Rock And Beer

Graveyard: Swedish For Hard Rock And Beer
Photo courtesy of the artist/Credit: Anders Bergstedt

Gothenburg Quartet Serves Up A Classic Brew

By Beverly Bryan
November 8, 2012

Name: Graveyard

Where They’re From: Gothenburg, Sweden

When They Started: 2006

Genre: Doom metal with a soupcon of Creedence

Most Similar: Kadavar, Glorior Belli

Sounds Like: Black Sabbath getting high with the aforementioned Creedence

It’s hard to beat Swedish retro rockers Graveyard. You just can’t mess with what they have going on. First, they look like they just stepped off a hot-boxed tour bus from Laurel Canyon/Asgard and they go hard on old-fashioned blues rock like it never went out of style. They can also boast a frontman who looks like Nordic Steve Buscemi AND they have their own brand of beer, Hisingen Brew. (Read their drummer’s explanation of why they agreed to put their names on a beer only under the condition that it taste good warm.)  This is the band whatever rock band you are listening to wants to be when it finishes going through puberty.

There’s something oddly and winningly Southern about them to boot. Maybe it’s because they built their stoner rock/doom metal fortress from the ground up, starting with a solid foundation of blues. Maybe it’s just that every riff on their recently released third album Lights Out reeks of the late ’70s, Southern rock’s halcyon era.

It’s almost a tragedy that the album was released on formats other than 8-track, but not really because it’s a recording that’s very cognizant of the fact that we just might be living in stranger times than ever. It starts off with “An Industry of Murder,” four swirly minutes of paranoiac catharsis manifestly made for these days. What follows is all heaving rock and soothing downward spirals with some biting social commentary in the mix.

Believe it or not, gnarly as Graveyard is, Sweden is very appreciative of these titans in their midst. (The fact that Graveyard has their own beer might have been a tip off.) This year the quartet won a Grammi (that’s a Swedish Grammy) for best hard rock/metal album for 2011′s Hsingen Blues. They beat out In Flames and Opeth! (Really, it’s no secret that the Swedes have good taste in music.)

Graveyard is now preparing for their second US tour, where they will bring the States more of this:

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