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Greece’s Bazooka Explodes In Stereo

Greece’s Bazooka Explodes In Stereo

Redundancy is Beautiful

By Beverly Bryan
January 2, 2013

Name: Bazooka (Xanthos, John, Billy and Panos)

Where they’re from From: Volos, Greece (Currently based in Athens)

When they Started: 2008

Genre: Garage Punk

Most Similar: Gay Anniversary, Paint Fumes, Black Lips

Sounds Like: Hearing double

What if Picasso had given up? What if Nirvana had two drummers, two guitarists and no bass player? To answer the second rhetorical question, it would sound kind of like grungy Greek rockers Bazooka.

Does any band ever really need two drum kits? It might seem like overkill, but when you call yourself Bazooka you are going to have to come up with something to justify it. Having seen their bracingly disordered set during their recent US tour with North Carolina ne’er-do-wells Paint Fumes, I can tell you these four Athenians are justified in every way.

After Acid Baby Jesus gave them a shout-out during our interview with that psychedelic Greek band, I waited patiently for my chance to see them. Their projectile rock ‘n’ roll experience was worth the wait. Doubling up on guitars, drums and hollering can make a band more than just louder, though it does that too. Dual (Melvins inspired?) drummers John and Plathios fall in and out of alignment, sometimes playing the same part, sometimes playing complementary parts.

It’s the sonic equivalent of those trippy fun house mirror effects you see in unimaginative music videos. It’s what stereo headphones want to be. And when it’s just a little messy and blown out, it’s wonderful. (Plus, it’s pretty fun to watch the rhythm section go.)

For all above reasons, you’ll be rewarded for using a good sound system when listening to their records, even if the vocals are often distorted unto being unintelligible. So far, Bazooka has got a self-released EP out, the “Shame Take My Brain” seven-inch single on French label Inch Allah Records, a limited edition tour LP and their I Want To Fuck All The Girls In My School EP on Slovenly Records. That last one is laden with important subliminal/not that subliminal messages for young people. Watch them do the title track live in France:

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