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Hazy Soul From Purple Ferdinand Wins

Hazy Soul From Purple Ferdinand Wins

A digital lover makes real music for our ears.

By Joseph JP Patterson
January 17, 2013

Name: Purple Ferdinand

Where She’s From: London, England

When She Started: 2010

Sounds Like: Hazy, old soul in a fresh vessel

Most Similar: Lianne La Havas

Purple Ferdinand, 24, has enough power and conviction in her sweet, sultry soul to spellbind from the first couple of notes. Born Vanessa Ferdinand, she represents the East End of London to the fullest when it comes to her swag. But please don’t let the tattoos, piercings, and Spice Girls beanie fool you into believing that she’s one of those newbies who spends all of their time trying to be a Tumblr star. That is far from the case here: Purple’s simplistic, classic soul-style delivery is all the way real, and she uses most of her days penning heart-warming songs.

For the last two years, the ukulele-playing songstress has been uploading videos of herself singing, up on YouTube. “Beautiful Anomaly,” one of the most-listened-to tracks on the channel, was lucky enough to get a fashion-forward music video to accompany it. But unbeknownst to Ferdinand at the time of filming, said track/video would end up sending her overseas to perform at the revered Afro-Punk Festival in NYC and be praised by The New York Times as one of the event’s standout performers. Having recently landed a deal with Sony ATV’s publishing division, and also nod from BBC Radio 1 in the form of a spot on their Hot For 2013 list, Purple Ferdinand hasn’t done too badly for a grime-raving introvert from Stratford, east London.


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