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Highasakite…You Just Might Stop To Check Them Out

Highasakite…You Just Might Stop To Check Them Out

Corny Violent Femmes Fun Aside...Meet The Cocteau Twins (sort of) of Oslo

By Halley Bondy
February 11, 2013

Name: Highasakite

Where They’re From: Oslo, Norway

When They Started: 2011

Genre:  Indie rock + fuzz

Most Similar:  Beach House, Cocteau Twins, with a touch of Sheryl Crow (I know…wha??)

Sounds Like: Road trippin’ with the right drugs.

Hearing Highasakite’s single “Son of a Bitch” is a touch of tacit nostalgia. The Oslo band’s frontwoman/songwriter Ingrid Helene Håvik has a lot to do with it; the powerful, guitar-backed alto hearkens 90s bluesy chick rock, as opposed to the froggy-voiced little girl thing favored by indie-pop frontwomen nowadays. Bring on the real women I say! For that matter, bring on the actual songwriters!

Highasakite’s new EP In and Out Of Weeks comes with lush and hazy arrangements, using reverb-packed synth and heavy percussion. Though, Highasakite’s music isn’t filled with washed-out ambiguity — instead, their elements are crisp and clear, gearing more toward Cocteau Twins than Animal Collective. The comparison holds water especially on their more synth-based tracks like “Indian Summer” and “Whatever That Means.” It’s nice dealing with a group that has nothing to hide. Not even their autoharps and zithers (which make some appearances).

They’re not being shady with the bio stuff, either. Håvik and drummer Trond Bersu started as a duo, and a couple attending a Norway jazz conservatory. They expanded their roster and started gigging in their home country. Now they’re SXSW-ward and ready to tackle the US market.

The EP is out March 5 on Propeller Records. In the meantime, enjoy “Son of a Bitch.”

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