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How The Impatient Sisters Accidentally Enchanted Malaysia

How The Impatient Sisters Accidentally Enchanted Malaysia
Photo courtesy of the artist

Sisterhood of the Awesome Indie Pop Pants

By Beverly Bryan
February 1, 2013

Name: The Impatient Sisters (Soraya, Nazeera and Irena Taib)

Where They’re from: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

When They started: 2011

Genre: Indie pop

Most Similar: Jolie Holland, Zee Avi, She and Him

Sounds Like: A Venn diagram with vintage jazz in one circle, folk in the other and ukulele in the part where they overlap

Malaysia’s Impatient Sisters didn’t really plan on being a band until they were featured on online indie music show The Wknd. “Never thought people would be that interested in us (we agreed to do it for fun) but after we got booked for a few gigs we realized that we sort of had to be. A band, I mean,” explains Soraya Taib, one of the three actual sisters who makes up the trio. They had opened for a friend’s band with a set of covers and posted the original song “Comets and Stars” to YouTube, when a friend recommended them for The Wknd sessions. After their stellar turn on the show, Malaysia’s indie music fans wouldn’t let them not be a band. Since then, they’ve been gigging around Southeast Asia, rocking festivals, jamming with Zee Avi, and recently opened for Australian band The Jezabels. Not bad for a reluctant ensemble.

We’re really glad they took a chance on the show. Though they say they chose their name because they do get impatient (with each other especially) their music is as laid back as it gets. Their vocal harmonies are soft and sweet as a box full of kittens and their melodies for guitar are as soothing and romantic as lilac-scented summer breezes. Mixing in glockespiel, egg shaker, ukulele, and kazoo, they create delicate textures that help keep things interesting, but it’s their clear voices that will hold your attention with a surprisingly strong grip. This trio may be impatient but we don’t think they’ll have to wait long before there will be no turning back from a serious break out and total indie celebrity.

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