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Nottingham, United Kingdom

Hushed Electropop from Indiana. Not the State, the UK Songstress.

Hushed Electropop from Indiana. Not the State, the UK Songstress.

By Halley Bondy
February 4, 2013

Name: Indiana

Where They’re from: Nottingham, UK

When She Started: 2012

Genre:  Minimal soul electro-pop

Most Similar: Jamie Woon, Friends

Sounds Like: Creepy sexy villain music.

Indiana is a very new songstress out of Nottingham. She’s barely fresh out of the oven when it comes to playing onstage, and she has but a few singles in the world. However, things are moving really fast for the pretty UK songstress, who underscores her tracks with a creeping, minimal electronic arrangement, and sings in breathy gusts. She’s receiving nearly daily write-ups and airplays around the world, and it’s just a matter of time before Indiana joins the annals of some of her soundalikes and idols, including Jamie Woon, Friends and New Look. 

Indiana’s short discography includes the single “Blind as I Am,” a restrained ballad co-written by John Beck (writer for Paloma Faith, Corinne Bailey Ray and more). Her second work, “Swim Good,” is a Frank Ocean cover that falls into an Ellie Goulding-esque hybrid of soul and epic ethereal pop.

Her new single, “Bound,” however, is a bit different, falling into a more electronic, almost trip-hop category — or as if simple 90s melody tropes (Garbage comes to mind) were pinned to modern, minimalist bedroom production. The result is pretty sleek and creepy.

Check out Indiana’s “Bound,” and be sure to look out for more from this self-proclaimed  ’raider of arks.’ (Get it? Indiana!) We’re looking forward to her debut album.

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