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Jakarta’s Funny Little Dream: Adorable Indiepop

Jakarta’s Funny Little Dream: Adorable Indiepop

By toksala
March 1, 2010

Cupcakes and cuties, puppies and daisies, crushes and kisses, candy canes and cocoa — that’s the whole world of cuteness that Jakarta’s Funny Little Dream taps into. Singing about “Sweet Cherry Lips,” lead-singer Stepanie Jenny Angeraini goes by the nickname “Peppy” — if all that tells you anything. And the band’s produced by (who else), Jakarta’s very own Lovely Records.

Basically — think of a hardcore metal band and then … think of its complete and total opposite. Formed by friends Ganesha Mahendra (guitar, backup vocals) and the whispery, angelic singer Stephanie Jenny Angeraini (Peppy), FLD put out their self-titled full length debut this past December. On their site, they list the influences Au Revoir Simone and Club 8 — and both are felt here, in this breezy blend of twee, where adult feelings of romance and longing are conveyed in childish, cartoon terms.

This week, we’ve got the first video off that record — the DIY video for self titled single, “Funny Little Dream,” which I’m partial to because it features both A. a plaid-shirted, bespectacled stand-in for our very own Woody Fu and B. Scrabble tiles.

Get the track for that song, free — Mp3: Funny Little Dream — “Funny Little Dream” and go to the band’s MySpace page to hear more. Net label EardrumsPop is including the band in a compilation album which should come out within the month, in which every song will be a team effort between two paired bands. And FLD will work with Fantastic June, another adorable outfit. (Check here for more info soon!) Below, the acoustic track: “Strangers in Love.”

Track List:

01. Funny Little Dream
02. My Melody
03. It Must’ve Been You
04. Its Summertime
05. Sweet Cherry Lips
06. Strangers in Love
07. I Want to Tell You
08. Finally Found Someone

Photo Courtesy of Funny Little Dream

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