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Josef Salvat, The Unsolved Mystery of Indie Pop

Josef Salvat, The Unsolved Mystery of Indie Pop

We don't know him, but we feel him

By Lauren Zupkus
January 18, 2013

Name: Josef Salvat

Where He’s From: Australia/London

When He Started: 2010

Genre: indie pop, alternative

Most Similar:  Aqualung, Natalie Walker

Sounds Like: sarcastic love songs

Josef Salvat is a mystery. His website is tight lipped, and his discography is nonexistent. To date, the London based, Australian born singer made his only big Internet footprint with his impressively popular slow-mo track, “This Life.” So okay, we might not know much about him. But from his tweets? We FEEL HIM.

Take this one for example on June 29:
A day will come when I don’t have to drink a bathtub of gin before I can find everybody at this party hilarious and amaze.

Salvat, let me tell you– we’ve BEEN THERE. Similarly, his lyrics have a sarcastic yet meditative air about them, making him all the more relateable. For example, in this line borrowed from “This life”: I just need to tell my story, if you’re drunk I’ll get done quicker.

At times, his whispery croons ooze sex, while other lines are pure melancholy. He sums it up well in his other single, “Hustler,” where he admits he’s got the the heart of a hustler with all the hustler’s shame. Honest, borderline bleak lyrics paired with haunting vocals and piano make our mystery man comparable to a pop friendly Morrissey.

Though there’s definitely more we’d like to uncover about Salvat, for now we’ll be thankful for the few awesome tracks he’s given us (Hear “This Life” below.) And hey, maybe we should be more thankful that there’s somebody in this day and age who manages to remain mysterious instead of Instagramming his daily meals. ;)

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