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Las Amigas de Nadie, Straight From The Peruvian Vanguard

Las Amigas de Nadie, Straight From The Peruvian Vanguard

They Can Be Our Friends

By Marlon Bishop
November 16, 2012

Name: Las Amigas de Nadie

Where They’re From: Lima, Peru

When They Started: 2008

Genre: Post-Rock

Most Similar: Bjork, iamamiwhoami

Sounds Like: Lucid dreaming.

Las Amigas De Nadie (translation: The Friends of Nobody) have gone through a lot of stages. Since forming in 2008, the all-lady foursome from the beating rock ‘n’ roll heart of Lima, Peru have made a name for themselves by making sun-soaked indie pop, sassy surf punk, and even, way back in the day, a little bit of girly power pop.

Having already succeeded in capturing the hearts of Peruvian rock fans over the last few years, the Amigas have boldly turned in a new direction for their 2012 release, Sincronía.  It shows off a moodier, more experimental side of the band, filled with swirling ambiances, electronic drums and twitchy details. The songs range in style from “Otoño,” a pointilistic, Juana Molina-esque meditation, to “El Niño,” a rare example of indie-Andean fusion that pairs the traditional guitar style of Ayacucho with distorted sound effects and understated vocals. Elsewhere, there’s the presence of a sultry spy-music vibe, contributed by some choice James Bond-style guitar licks.

And then there’s the video for the lead single, “Espiral,” (below) which sets a tone of sorts for the album, meditating on the themes of sex, death and anxiety, all in moody black and white.

Overall, the Amigas’ new album is one of the most innovative things we’ve seen come out of Peru for a little while. Stream it all on the band’s Bandcamp page here, and keep an eye out for these chicas, as they are surely bound for bigger things.

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