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Lomovolokno Puts Pretty Russian Dreams to a Beat

Lomovolokno Puts Pretty Russian Dreams to a Beat

Lullaby Hip-Hop from the Black Sea

By Halley Bondy
February 25, 2013

Name: Lomovolokno

Where he’s from: Krasnodar, Russia

Genre: Instrumental Hip-hop, abstract beatmaking, down-tempo

Most Similar: Daedelus, Four Tet

Sounds Like:  That sludgy, pleasant, half-conscious feeling right before the alarm goes off

Inspired by a childhood near the Black Sea, all tunes from Russia’s mysterious producer Lomovolokno are appropriately calming and nature-infused. His new album At Least Never is rooted in hip-hop and what sound like field recordings (they might as well be) and looped samples of a woman singing very, very warmly. The beats can slow time itself, and the album enough to put you in a coma.

It seems a bit remiss to write about Lomovolokno without mentioning his German cohort Sieren. The two worked together on this luscious new crackling track for a 12″ on their label Project: Mooncircle. It’s sonic Xanax. This is out officially March 4, and is, according to the label, a “limited 12” vinyl for serious collectors, DJ’s and record addicts only!” Generally chill people will dig it too, though.

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