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Love X Stereo = Delicious Electro Rock From Seoul

Love X Stereo = Delicious Electro Rock From Seoul
Photo Courtesy of the Artist

By MTV Iggy
October 11, 2013

Name: Love X Stereo (Annie Ko, Toby, Sol Han, and Jeong-kyeom)

Where They’re From: Seoul, Korea

Genre:  Post John Hughes pop/rock

For Fans Of: CHVRCHES, The Cardigans, Garbage

Sounds Like: Optimism

Love X Stereo promises two things: love, and (of course), stereo. The trio’s third EP Glow delivers all that their name implies. Over four tracks and a handful of remixes, the Seoul, Korea-based band manages to wrap the spectrum of youthful angst (including, but not limited to, loneliness, romance, and a desire for transcendence) into a candy-coated, easy to swallow pill. It’s like your mom always said—a spoon full of optimistic indie pop/rock helps the medicine go down.

Frontwoman Annie Ko possesses a girlish, fairytale whisper that lends itself to CHVRCHES comparisons. But while the Scottish band floats like an electronic butterfly, Love X Stereo stings like a rock ‘n’ roll bee. The band inhabits a space just post John Hughes. The high school exams have been passed. The boy (or girl) has been won. But as we all know, that’s just the end of act one. Love X Stereo is standing by for when adult emotions flood in. Their effervescent blend of grit and grace is here to remind us that no matter what life throws at you, you’re badass enough to take it in stride. But you might want to start by dancing it out…

Glow is out now. – Words by Laura Studarus

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