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Meet Switzerland’s Cyril Hahn, Master of Remastering

Meet Switzerland’s Cyril Hahn, Master of Remastering

It May Not Be the First Version, But Dude is Making Originals

By Lauren Zupkus
November 9, 2012

Name: Cyril Hahn

Where He’s From: Bern, Switzerland

When He Started: 2012

Genre: Electro

Most Similar: XXYYXX, The Weeknd

Sounds Like: Like early 2000s R&B sipped some sizzurp (slooowed down)

Remixes are risky. Taking any piece of art and altering it can create turf wars, especially when the original version is extremely famous.

So how the hell does Switzerland’s Cyril Hahn translate megahits like Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name” and Mariah Carey’s “Touch My Body” into atmospheric, techno beats and get away with it? Perhaps it’s the support via setlist from legendary DJs Diplo, the xx, and Annie Mac that helps Cyril champion the world of remixes. But we’d be lying if we said he didn’t win us over too.

Most of Cyril’s remixes wind up only a shadow of their original pop versions. A chilling, ambient sound replaces the busy background beats of the songs, creating a minimalist techno sound similar to XXYYXX. Next Cyril chops the lyrics up into shorter bits and slows them down for darker, sensual depth. Cyril’s ’80s drum machine samples and old synth machines explain why his beats hint at 80s dream pop.

Currently residing in Vancouver, Cyril produces all of his songs at home, using a basic setup with a laptop, midi interface and headphones. Influenced by other experimental artists like Grimes and How to Dress Well, he credits his success to simply not being afraid to switch it up. After gaining attention on UK airwaves and the international blogosphere, Cyril is keeping busy sorting through remix and collaboration offers. His next official remix featuring UK indie folk artist Gabrielle Aplin is set to release next year, as well as some solid original tracks. Give a listen to Cyril’s version of “Say My Name,” below.

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