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Melbourne’s Colour Bomb: Exploding with Indie-Pop Theatrics!

Melbourne’s Colour Bomb: Exploding with Indie-Pop Theatrics!

By Halley Bondy
December 18, 2012

Name: Colour Bomb

Where They’re From: Melbourne, Australia

When They Started: “A couple of years back,” after playing together for 10 years.

Genre: Melodrama indie-pop

Most Similar: Nick Cave in the post-rock jazz indie weirdness area, Muse in the vocal area

Sounds Like: The soundtrack for a play: one with a gut-wrenching, writhing-on-the-floor breakup scene. Also known as sonic schadenfreude.

So, it might be a little early to talk about Melbourne’s Colour Bomb; even the humble duo themselves were shocked when I contacted them looking for more info. But with a very solid single, a big-up from Gotye, and a moniker that makes you think of your sparkliest childhood toy and smile like a dumbass (Sparkle Spirograph, anyone?), what more do you need to be destined for greatness?

Colour Bomb’s single “On the Run” is one that knocks you about a little. The impressive vocal range on James Saunders — who sometimes plays in Gotye’s live band, actually — is a heartrending, damn-near chilling force to be reckoned with. It’s underscored by post-rock indie-pop tropes with sudden key changes, organ twangs and off-kilter snare drum thwacks that never quite let you relax. It is, in fact, a lot like watching a play and chomping at the bit to see what happens next.

They’re out with a couple of singles, and we can expect their debut album to come out next year. In the meantime, enjoy their dreamlike, toy soldier ballet video for “On The Run.”

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