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Minor Soul: The Chinese Connection

Minor Soul: The Chinese Connection

By MTV Iggy
August 1, 2012

Name: Minor Soul (Jack and Max Wagner)

Where They’re From: Hong Kong

Genre: rock folk pop

When They Started: 2010

Reminds Us Of:  Extreme (Yes, that ’90s group)

Sounds Like: Sullen love songs for a perfect country outing

Jack and Max Wagner are only 20 and 18, respectively, but they’ve got enough business savvy to swim with music industry sharks three times their age. The British-French brothers, which together form the rock-folk-pop duo Minor Soul, have relocated to New York from their childhood home of Hong Kong in order to better pursue their dreams of mainstream success. These boys don’t bother with indie pretensions; last summer, they enlisted legendary rock producer and Eurythmics member Dave Stewart to record their first yet-unreleased album in L.A., featuring radio-keen ballads like “Alice” and pop love songs like “Beneath My Skin.”

In May, they recorded two more songs with hitmaker Toby Gad, the mind behind Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and Beyoncé’s “If I Were a Boy.” Word is the brothers are in talks with even bigger names, although it may be too soon to mention who.  —Written by Katherine Zhang

Watch their music video for “Beneath My Skin” below:

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