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No Rome’s Got Us Tying On Our Dancing Shoes

No Rome’s Got Us Tying On Our Dancing Shoes
Photo courtesy of Numberline Records

When in Manila, check out this kid.

By Beverly Bryan
February 20, 2013

Name: No Rome (Rome Gomez)

Where They’re From: Manila, Philippines

When They Started: 2013

Genre: Electropop

Most Similar: Toro Y Moi, Blackbird Blackbird

Sounds Like: Roller skating on air

The bedroom-bred synthpop of Manila’s No Rome makes you want to dance in an almost overpowering way. But it’s not, like, in a twerk it kind of way. The seventeen year-old production prodigy’s candy-colored, chillwavey tunes give you a craving for tap pants and sequined jazz shoes, the better to whirl around on one of those disco dance floors that light up wherever you tap your feet. Or, you know, at least a roller rink. I’ll settle for a roller rink if it has a disco ball. (Can I be in the video?)

The steady back beat of “United We Are” pumps like a heart rate that always seems to be accelerating just slightly but isn’t. It’s almost as though, in between the chiming synth and low-end rhythms, there are subliminal messages saying, “This is your dream. Dance like no one is looking. No one is looking. Well, probably no one is looking.” But it’s not subliminal. That’s just what the beat is saying. And that’s only the B-side.

No Rome’s debut single, out today on Numberline Records, is called “Dance With Me” and that one really gives you the interpretive ice dancing/roller pirouette itch. He wrote it when he was fifteen. Needless to say, were excited to hear whatever does when he’s eighteen.

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