Infinite x MTV K First Showcase
Brooklyn, United StatesFive Guys Named Isadora

Five Guys Named Isadora

February 7, 2013
Name: Isadora Where They’re from: Brooklyn, NY When They Started: 2012 Genre: Psychedelic indie rock Most Similar: Weezer, Andrew Bird, Radiohead Sounds Like: Nu 90s alt-rock Two are guitarists, one plays the bass, one’s a drummer and...
Glasgow, United KingdomSoosh Makes Beats with Room to Breathe

Soosh Makes Beats with Room to Breathe

February 6, 2013
Name: Soosh (Soroosh Khavari) Where He's from: Glasgow, Scotland by way of Iran When He Started: 2011 Genre: Post-dubstep/beatmaking action Most Similar: Burial, Nosaj Thing, Four Tet Sounds Like: Flowers blooming in your brain, backed by...
Please Explain: What is Garage Punk?

Please Explain: What is Garage Punk?

The band is up on stage bashing out what could be a punk addled Chuck Berry cover. (It's that good.) It's the first song of their set and they've been at it for awhile but the space in front of the mic stand is still conspicuously empty. Some audience...
Córdoba, ArgentinaFrik-Out with Frikstailers’s Mad Cumbia

Frik-Out with Frikstailers’s Mad Cumbia

Name: Frikstailers (that’s Freak-stylers to you Anglo folk out there) Where They’re From: Córdoba, Argentina Genre: Electro-cumbia, global bass Most Similar: Chancha Via Circuito, Bomba Estereo Sounds Like: UK/Chicago acid house re-imagined...
London, United KingdomRandom Impulse’s Guitar-Grime is Up Next

Random Impulse’s Guitar-Grime is Up Next

Name: Random Impulse Where He’s From: London, England When He Started: 2003 Sounds Like: Punky grime Most Similar: Ed Sheeran, Dot Rotten During the last decade, Jovel Walker has trailblazed his way through the UK's underground music...
Kobe, JapanThee Mighty Fevers Rage and Roll in Kobe

Thee Mighty Fevers Rage and Roll in Kobe

Name: Thee Mighty Fevers, AKA One of the best names for a trashy garage punk band ever Where They're from: Kobe, Japan When They started: 2010 Genre: Rock 'n' Roll!!!!!!! Most Similar: Guitar Wolf, Teengenerate, Billy Childish Sounds...
Warsaw, PolandColdair Warms Us Up

Coldair Warms Us Up

Name: Tobiasz Biliński Where He’s From: Warsaw, Poland When He Started: Birth Genre: Abstracted Folk Most Similar: Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver, Nick Drake, Elliott Smith Sounds Like: Nostalgia. Sweet, sweet nostalgia. Maybe it comes in the wake of...
Melbourne, AustraliaMia Dyson Bears the Blues Rock Torch

Mia Dyson Bears the Blues Rock Torch

Name: Mia Dyson Where she's from: Melbourne, Australia When she started: 2009 Genre: Blues Rock Most Similar:  Melissa Etheridge Sounds Like: A motorcycle ride with some nice leather threads. Mia Dyson is a slightly different speed...