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Sheffield, United KingdomSlow Club Demands Complete Surrender to Pop

Slow Club Demands Complete Surrender to Pop

June 3, 2014
Name: Slow Club (Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor) Where They’re From: Sheffield, England When They Started: 2005 Genre:  Cabaret pop For Fans Of: Summer Camp, Tilly and the Wall, Los...
Seoul, South KoreaNeon Bunny: Flawless K-Pop for Indie Ears

Neon Bunny: Flawless K-Pop for Indie Ears

Name: Neon Bunny  Where She’s From: Seoul, South Korea When She Started: 2011 Genre: Bedroom-recorded K-Pop For Fans Of: Annie, Robyn, Phoenix  Sounds Like: An intimate dance party set in...
Castleton, United KingdomGet Yr #SoftGrunge on with Drenge

Get Yr #SoftGrunge on with Drenge

Name: Drenge Where They’re From: Castleton, Derbyshire, United Kingdom When They Started: 2010 Genre: alternative rock, blues rock, grunge, post- grunge  For Fans Of: Artic Monkeys, Nirvana Sounds Like: '90s grunge rock band with a...
Antwerp, BelgiumYou Got Nothing on Coely

You Got Nothing on Coely

Name: Coely Where She’s From:  Antwerpen, Belgium When She Started: 2011 Genre: Hip Hop/Soul For fans of: Lauryn Hill, Lorine Chia, Angel Haze Sounds like: Cruising through a city in a convertible Jeep full of tough girls Young Belgian...
London, United KingdomJungle Brings the Heat to London Streets

Jungle Brings the Heat to London Streets

Name: Jungle (Josh, Tom, and their seven-piece backing band) Where They’re From: London, England When They Started: Childhood Genre: Twisty R&B For Fans Of: Curtis Mayfield, TV On the Radio, The Invisible Sounds Like: An early summer heat...
Helsinki, FinlandBiniyam Pioneers Cyberpunk Finnish Hip-Hop

Biniyam Pioneers Cyberpunk Finnish Hip-Hop

Name: Biniyam Where He’s From: Helsinki, Finland When He Started: 2013 Genre: hip-hop For Fans Of: Drake, Gracias, Raury German-Ethiopian rapper/producer Biniyam is on one. He released his...