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Pop Needs More of Sydney’s Elizabeth Rose

Pop Needs More of Sydney’s Elizabeth Rose

A newcomer whose sound falls in pop's nethercracks

By Halley Bondy
January 9, 2013

Name: Elizabeth Rose

Where she’s from: Sydney, Australia

When she started: 2012

Genre: Electro-pop

Most Similar:  Charli XCX, Jessie J

Call it prejudging (because that’s what it is), but a musician named Elizabeth Rose from Australia conjures a flowery singer/songwriter type. She probably has the sweet, white-bred-monikered likes of Emma Louise, Julia Stone and UK’s Lucy Rose to thank for that.

But while Elizabeth does have a stunning voice like the aforementioned, her music fits more in the nu-pop annals of Charli XCX. She’s not dropping woozy hipster pop; it’s definitely unabashed top 40 pop at times, only with brazen, gif-era electronic moves.

Elizabeth produces her own shit, which shouldn’t thrill me as a woman anymore but it still does. In this case the thrill is enhanced by the fact that she’s only 22, and that her new EP Crystallise is exceptional. You can stream it here, and I strongly recommend doing so to get the full range of this burgeoning artiste. She also just remixed Charlift’s “Turning,” which has an airy Balearic vibe.

Elizabeth worked with UK’s Sinden on her single “Again,” which was recently put to the stunning video below. She’s got the talent and the appeal…now if only she’d give herself a badass alias.

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