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Pop Review: Battle Of The Girl Groups

Pop Review: Battle Of The Girl Groups

By toksala
August 24, 2010

Once upon a time, Korean entertainment companies put years of effort into debuting the perfect group and finding actual talent. Too bad those days are over. Now we get groups like Rainbow or Nine Muses — they prove that if you’re leggy and gorgeous, you’re in. Of all the groups that have debuted or comeback in the past few weeks, who’s actually worth your time? MTV K breaks down the new girl groups according to their members, music video, song and concept.

miss A

Leading the pack is miss A, JYP Entertainment’s mega hit girl group. They’ve conquered the airwaves and won every music show award there is. They’re Korea’s new obsession and in our minds — they’re the queen of the rookie girl groups. It’s not hard to love them.

They’re very easy to differentiate and Jia’s dyed! pink hair makes sure of that. “Bad Girl, Good Girl” showcased their incredible dancing skills — something we haven’t seen from a girl group as of yet.

The song walks the line between boring and being new but when they’re on stage, you’re just amazed they sing everything without looking like they’re out of breath.

Nine Muses

A new debut from Star Empire Entertainment, home to Jewelry and ZE:A, has quickly caught the public’s attention for their nine-member group. To sum it up, Nine Muses is an adult version of Girls Generation. They’ll never escape that comparison because Girls Generation is Korea’s national girl group. Extremely plastic (I wonder if they got a group rate?) but they’re easily the most beautiful of the girl groups. Too bad, this isn’t a beauty pageant. Their song is catchy enough but the stilted no’s are super distracting. We’ll have to see how they do on stage.


Secret has had a string of misses and should really just stop using English in their songs, period. Their songs would actually be pretty decent if it weren’t for their horrible pronunciation that ruins everything.

“Madonna” is my favorite concept from them, with the glittery make-up and dancefloor dresses. I wonder how they stay that energetic — there isn’t a moment in the video where they aren’t moving around.


I’d really like to skip right over Rainbow and their new single, “A.” Every single girl looks like each other with their bangs and high ponytails. Their voices sound the same, their faces look the same(this is why girl groups shouldn’t get plastic surgery at the same clinic) and there is no climax in the video. GP Basic with their MV for “Game” is also nothing spectacular. Other than the fact that they’re super young, I’ve heard that song a million times before and like I said, their MV set was recycled.

While fans expect to be able to listen to new music every month from a variety of acts, if this is the result, I’d say we can wait. There’s a reason why the top stars take long breaks — when they comeback, it’s worth it.

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