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Ricsárdgír: We Found the Funniest Band in Hungary

Ricsárdgír: We Found the Funniest Band in Hungary
Photo courtesy of the artist

Szörfing their way into your heart

By Beverly Bryan
February 12, 2013

Name: Ricsárdgír (pronounced Richard Gere)

Where They’re From: Budapest, Hungary

When They Started: 2007

Genre: Anti-indie

Most Similar: Mister Bungle, Ween, The B-52′s

Sounds Like: The house band for the best sci-fi talk show for kids ever

It is a truth universally acknowledged that girls like guys in bands and that they like guys with a good sense of humor. In combining weirdo garage rock with a heavy dose of comedy, Budapest quartet Ricsárdgír may have proven that they are one of the smartest bands in the world. We kinda figure they’re into girls because they have a lot of them in the videos and we sincerely hope this gambit works out for them.

Speaking of the videos, the one below is hard to watch with a straight face, but you don’t need visuals or even a grasp of Hungarian to know that these guys are fucking with you. Really, you just need to figure out which ’90s screen idol they’re named after.

We’re just fucking with you too. There’s no way they started this band to meet girls. But they do seem to be having a lot of fun. And in a world full of “artists” who take themselves and their “careers” ten times more seriously than the actual music they release, a band that at least lets you in on the joke is a beautiful thing.

Despite their piss-taking stance, they have some pretty great songs. Sometimes they even rap, but Ricsárdgír’s specialty is barreling into blown-out post-punk rave-ups while singer Dániel Márton wigs out at length, as they do on instant classic “Hello I am Tony Curtis!” The whole time everything seems like it’s about to disintegrate but it never does. If you think that’s easy to pull off the joke is on you.

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