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SebastiAn Gets Dark and Dangerous

SebastiAn Gets Dark and Dangerous

French Electronica's Evil Mastermind

By farahj
July 5, 2011

If you’re getting the feeling that the disco-drenched French house à la Breakbot is too easy to digest, too fun and breezy to help you deal with the weirder moments of post-millenial life, then you’re ready for SebastiAn, the dark horse of the Ed Banger family.

Like Breakbot or DJ Mehdi, or Justice before them, SebastiAn knows his headbanging dance tracks: Disco, Prince, r&b, Daft Punk, it’s all in there. “Embody,” from from his debut album Total released this May, features the fun side of Ed Banger, full of grooves and Prince flourishes. In the video, an adorably dancetastic middle-schooler boogies his way through supermarkets and teenage bedrooms:

But judging from his self-obsessed album cover, and his ability to chainsmoke through DJing entire live shows, there’s a dark side. For his hard metal house, “Total,” he commissioned a gory, sexually deviant video that opens with a warning to epileptics that watching it could cause seizures. It’s not a joke either: I’ll just say that melting eyeballs and naked women come together in really unpleasant ways.

Sebastian Total from xavier magot on Vimeo.

So more than just a soundtrack to nod your head to, Total is a mirror of those off days when your nerve endings are raw from humanity’s idiocies.  So when you feel pushed around by the world and need to scream back, just flip on some SebastiAn and dance into the darkness.

Photo Courtesy of Ed Banger Records

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