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Stockholm’s Kriget is Making a Hot, Hot Mess

Stockholm’s Kriget is Making a Hot, Hot Mess

By Halley Bondy
December 14, 2012

Name: Kriget, or Christoffer Roth, Gustav Bendt, & Per Nordmark

Where they’re from: Stockholm, Sweden

When they Started:  2010 ish

Genre: Math noise? Avant-digital hardcore? I give up

Most Similar:  Micachu, Atari Teenage Riot, only like these albums are skipping.

Sounds Like: What I imagine it would be like to blast into space on DMT.

Here’s the recipe of a complete sonic bedlam: saxophone, drums, bass, effects, and VOLUME.  This is a lesson we’re learning from Kriget, a three-piece making madness in Scandinavia without the help of keyboard or Ableton. At times they feel like a droning, loud noise band, but they have throbbing beats, digital accents and dramatic, off-kilter melodies that make it closer to electronic dance music, on crack. And without electronics.

The trio is also a member of Swedish super-collective INGRID, whose membership includes Lykke Li and Miike Snow. But these guys are very far from the Swedish indie-pop guard, opting instead to commit aural warfare on  anyone who comes close. Their name, in fact, means “the war” in Swedish. To the likely disappointment of Americans, it’s not pronounced “kridgit,” but “kree-get.” Darn. Can’t have everything I guess.

Their second full length Dystopico will be released stateside sometime in February. In the meantime, they’ve released a new single, “Holy Mountain,” with a video starring a mother and daughter sacrificing the men in their families. You know, some light entertainment amidst to go along with the blitzkrieg in your headphones.

Watch and enjoy “Holy Mountain,” and look out for Dystopico in Feb.

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