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Sun Glitters Makes Ambient Pop to Warm Your Winter

Sun Glitters Makes Ambient Pop to Warm Your Winter
Photo courtesy of the artist

By MTV Iggy
December 11, 2013

Name:Sun Glitters (Victor Ferreira)

Where He’s From: Luxembourg

When He Started: 2011

Genre: Glitterwave

For Fans Of: Solar Year, Boards of Canada, Holy Other, Dntel

Sounds Like: Sun-drunk summer days

This time of year, the world is divided into two camps: The haves (those who live in a climate where the mercury never dips below freezing), and the have nots (those who send me nasty emails about my sunny Instagram shots while scrapping ice off their cars). Thankfully we have Victor Ferreira to bring both camps together. Known as Sun Glitters, the Luxembourg-based laptop artist weaves warm threads through his cascading ones and zeros. Alongside vocalist Sara Cappai (whose voice is looped, pitched, and multiplied into the ghosts of a thousand summers past), Ferreira focuses his work towards the lushest and most nostalgia inducing tones. Remember the feeling of grass under your feet and warm air on your limbs? Yeah, so does he.

Sure, Sun Glitters’ new forthcoming album Scattered into Light is due out in the dead of winter (AKA January 28). But the offering successfully capitalizes on a host of unseasonalable emotions. Bucolic single “Closer to the Sun” floats along with an unhurried sun-drunk logic that is usually only reached in the dog days of August. Meanwhile, “I, You, We…Know” bounces with promise of a fleeting vacation romance, all shimmering synths, and unbridled optimism. And Ferreira is capable of picking up the pace … a bit. (Album opener “When the Train Comes” isn’t so much a banger as an exercise in elegant chaos.) But why rush it? His is the kind of music that will carry you on a blissful breeze right into the thaw. Words by Laura Studarus

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