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Tangled Beats from Scotland’s Young Fathers

Tangled Beats from Scotland’s Young Fathers

By Halley Bondy
November 12, 2012

Name: Young Fathers

Where They’re From: Edinburgh, Scotland — via Liberia and Nigeria

When they started: When they were 14. So, awhile ago.

Genre: Hip-Hop

Most Similar: JJ Doom, Roots Manuva

Sounds Like: Like there’s something fortuitously wrong with your record player.

Young Fathers, the new Anticon signees, hail from Edinburgh, Scotland, and while you may at times feel a need to lower the bass or have your headphones fixed, don’t. The slight discomfort is what makes the trio one of the best hip-hop groups we’ve heard in a long time.

The three pals grew up together in Edinburgh, though Alloysious was born in Liberia, while Kayus was raised by Nigerian immigrants. Underneath the lo-fi fuzz and liberally lathered-on bass, their beats (provided by the third member, G), are pretty rudimentary, yet it feels like you’re utterly surrounded by dark, hypnotic chaos. And it’s delightful.

Their album Tape One is coming out on Jan 14 UK/Jan 22 US, and they’ve released a lot of acclaimed sneak peeks, including this video for their single “Rumbling.”


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