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That Beautiful Day When Nalda Became Punk

That Beautiful Day When Nalda Became Punk

By MTV Iggy
February 26, 2013

Name: When Nalda Became Punk (Elena Sestelo and Roberto Cibeira)
Where They’re From: Vigo, Spain
When They Started: 2006 (as the solo project of Elena Sestelo)
Genre: Pretty in Pop
Most Similar: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Vivian Girls, Dum Dum Girls, Casiokids
Sounds Like: Embracing Your Youth

Sandwiched between the walls of cheap synths, drum machines, and furiously strummed guitars of When Nalda Became Punk’s debut album is dialogue from Annie Hall, where—attempting a friendly breakup—Annie tells her boyfriend Alvy, “You’re the reason that I got out of my room and that I was able to sing and, and, and you know get more in touch with my feelings and all that crap.” Contained in that quote is the driving force behind A Farewell To Youth: Sometimes life can pay you a compliment, even when it’s breaking your heart. (Alternate takeaway lesson: Everything in life can/should be summed up by a Woody Allen quote.)

Originally conceived as a solo endeavor, When Nalda Became Punk is now the joint project of Spanish musicians Elena Sestelo (vocal/guitars) and Roberto Cibeira (guitars, keyboards, backing vocals). Together, the pair creates the scrappy pop of dreamers, riding on punk-infused melodies full of cotton candy and scuffed knees. Their ambitions and metronomes only go one way…up. Each one of their eleven jangly odes to contains a bittersweet bounce. Even when coupled with the realization that all the perk in the world can’t make a heart any less broken, there’s no room for cynics. Everything is crafted to elicit a smile. The title track owes a heavy debut of gratitude to 1986—the spirit of the decade so heavy in the air you can’t help but feel the loss of John Hughes all over again. “My Headache is Gone” is a squiggly salute to noise pop at its finest. Meanwhile, Psychedelic Furs-leaning “Before 5” contains a playful male/female vocal interchange, cumulating in a mid-song count to five. Not your cup of tea? You okay? Are you sure? Need a hug, perhaps?

Take a listen below to A Farewell to Youth’s Red-Bull-to-the brain opening track “When It’ll Come” below. A Farewell to Youth is out now via Shelflife Records. – Laura Studarus


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