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Kobe, Japan

Thee Mighty Fevers Rage and Roll in Kobe

Thee Mighty Fevers Rage and Roll in Kobe
Photo courtesy of the artist

If You Don't Taste Them, You've Failed

By Beverly Bryan
January 28, 2013

Name: Thee Mighty Fevers, AKA One of the best names for a trashy garage punk band ever

Where They’re from: Kobe, Japan

When They started: 2010

Genre: Rock ‘n’ Roll!!!!!!!

Most Similar: Guitar Wolf, Teengenerate, Billy Childish

Sounds Like: Getting beaten up by a good time

If there is a viable successor to the great jet rock ‘n’ roll tradition of Guitar Wolf, it might be virulent new comers Thee Mighty Fevers. This isn’t hip garage punk for the Tumblr youth and Pitchfork and you won’t be reading about them in The New Yorker anytime soon. This is music for unexplained head trauma and under-aged blackouts.

The Kobe, Japan quartet sometimes reach Guitar Wolf levels of splintery, metallic noise, but they mix in their own psychosis along with a touch of Teengenerate’s intellectually stunted grind and Thee Headcoats’ swinging corruption. Guitar Wolf is all about love and observing proper rock ‘n’ roll etiquette. With such noxious nuggets as “Good Fuck Good Night” and “Sick on You” on Thee Mighty Fevers’ just-out debut LP Fuck’in Great R ‘n’ R we’re not sure they’re on that tip they might be on a punk rock mission of their own. This band is out for kicks and if they champion anything it’s classic punk sneering and the right to be confused and pissed off.

Comparisons aside, these guys do cruel guitar strafing and scabrous vocals like they were born to it and, being partially composed of members of The Fevers, they’ve at least had plenty of practice. It might not be new, but we’ve been needing another hit of something like this for a minute now.

The album has so many fiendish highlights that it’s totally worth it to get it on vinyl, but you can listen to part of it here. Then get them all from Dead Beat Records.

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