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There Is No Antidote For Argentina’s Veneno

There Is No Antidote For Argentina’s Veneno
Photo courtesy of Etoro Records

What a Feeling!

By Beverly Bryan
August 8, 2012

Name: Veneno

Where He’s From: Argentina

Genre: Dance

Most Similar: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Justice

When He Started: 2012

Sounds Like: Buenos Aires boogie

His name means venom and, after listening to his EP Plata Plata, we think we’ve been bitten by Argentina’s Veneno. The dance music producer, whose real name is Alejandro Ferrer, just made his debut on Isa GT’s Etoro record label. We love the organic sound of the slapping bass guitar on the title track and we really love the way it’s braided into an otherwise utterly minimal electro track. Something about it makes us want to dance, like, really dance, like, reenacting scenes from Flashdance and Footloose dance.

Scientists have been trying to find a way to combine the ass shaking quotients of rock ‘n’ roll and electronic dance music for some time now. Previously, their findings have been disappointing, but Veneno may have just hit on it there. The result is unpretentious dance music you can’t not move to. Just look at this guy in the video. Oh, and don’t get us started on this London-based newcomer’s remixes. His take on Crystal Fighters’s “Xtatic Truth?” That’s our kind of poison.

Fun Fact: The dancer is Juan Pablo Tapia. He’s currently touring with Freddie, a show based on the life of Freddie Mercury.

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