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Toronto’s Kae Sun: Master of the Sunday Groove

Toronto’s Kae Sun: Master of the Sunday Groove

By Halley Bondy
November 26, 2012

Name: Kae Sun

Where he’s from: Ghana-born, Toronto-based

When he started: 2009

Genre: Indie-pop, hint of soul

Most Similar: Ghostpoet, Zakee, TV on the Radio, The Young Rascals (“Groovin’ on a Sunday afternoon…)

Sounds Like: A leisurely summer stroll

At the end of the day, there’s nothing like a good melody. Not much screams “melody” more than Ghanaian, spiritual roots, and the music of Kae Sun. The Ghana-born, Toronto-based singer/songwriter who writes music in part to be “closer to God” drops the sort of arrangements that can chill out the most high-strung of listeners.

His most recent single “Ship and the Globe” has one of the best melodies of 2012, yet you needn’t look for bells and whistles. The 70s-hearkening soul-pop groove — as well as his lilting jazzy singles on his debut LP Lion on a Leash and his EP Outside the Barcode – are  pretty minimal, relying on Kae’s impressive vocal range and a melody that could probably underscore a religious experience. Or at least, keep your Sundays groovy.

Kae’s new video for “Ship and the Globe” is just as soothing as its score. Stream it below.

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