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UK’s Keel Her Rocks Bedroom Pop

UK’s Keel Her Rocks Bedroom Pop

Goofball Girl Genius

By Beverly Bryan
March 9, 2012

Almost every day, Rose Keeler-Schäffeler AKA Keel Her uploads another lo-fi pop track to her SoundCloud account. The songs have names like “dude, where’s my alien space mask?” and the sound lands in a catchy, psyched-out place somewhere between Daniel Johnston and Vivian Girls.

Her relentless creativity hearkens back to the ’70s UK DIY of Desperate Bicycles and she delivers piss-taking lyrics like “wouldn’t wanna date myself” with punk rock disaffection. But this is a modern mess. Whether jangling or rocking out, her guitar is wrapped in candy-colored digital fuzz.

So, who cares if some girl puts goofy songs on the Internet? Well, Rough Trade. They distributed her self-titled 8-track cassette tape EP from Italian Beach Babes. And, even though no one even has an 8-track player anymore, it sold out in, like, two seconds.

Then there’s lo-fi godfather R. Stevie Moore. Keeler-Schäffeler was in Nashville just now recording some more goofy songs with him. Also, Blogs in the UK care. They review her songs as fast as she can post them.

Keel Her occasionally plays gigs as a tidy three piece, but the best way to keep track of this happening is to check SoundCloud often. The catalog is deep and getting deeper. Take a quick dip with “i wish (i had a hit),” released 37 minutes ago:

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