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UK’s Moroka: Global Bass for Your Booty

UK’s Moroka: Global Bass for Your Booty

By Halley Bondy
November 30, 2012

Name: Moroka

Where He’s From: London & South Africa

Genre: Kwaito, global bass

Most Similar: Diplo, Spoek Mathambo

Sounds Like: A

While Mad Decent ousted global bass from the underground, one of its trailblazers was chilling in the shadows the whole time, garnering kwaito dancefloor influences from his South African homeland. Yes, London producer Moroka co-produced The Very Best’s recent track “Yoshua Alikuti,” but the Afropop track is a far cry from his booty shaking bass originals and remixes  — which span from Zebra Katz’ “Ima Read” to traditional fare from Guinea.

Among his laundry list of collaborators (which include Spoek Mathambo), the illustrious matron of global bass Isa GT personally suggested we stay on top of this rising producer. Even though he’s got minimal info out there, he’s certainly got good stock on his side.

Then there are Soundcloud gems, like his single, “Tesco Exotic.” So, not much more info is needed, really.

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