Infinite x MTV K First Showcase
Bat For Lashes
MTV Iggy Presents Bat For Lashes
London, United Kingdom

Bat For Lashes

With the countless music videos today featuring young women being followed down dark roads by bmx gangs clad in rabbit masks, it’s difficult to separate the talented, innovative artists from the hacks and poseurs. Allow us to help ease this puzzlement with the following statement: Bat For Lashes is totally boss. The solo act, a pseudonym for British-Pakistani songstress Natasha Khan, has already hit superstardom in her native UK and is quickly rising as a global sensation. And it’s easy to see why: Lashes’ critically acclaimed albums, 2006’s Fur and Gold and this year’s Two Suns, deliver. Check out “Pearl’s Dream” and you won’t know whether to reach for a glow stick or a Kleenex. While her hooks are crazy catchy, Khan makes sure her videos are every bit as interesting as the songs they accompany. The aforementioned bunny-biker dreamscape is straight out of 2007’s “What’s a Girl To Do” and 2009’s “Daniel” shows the singer getting mobbed by faceless dancers in black, lumpy bodysuits (a weird marriage between Ghost and Fruit of the Loom? Anyone?). It’s not just the fans, however, that have taken note of Bat For Lashes’ quirk and fearlessness. By 30, the vocalist, who has drawn multiple comparisons to the likes of Annie Lennox and Fiona Apple, has been a two-time nominee for the prestigious Mercury Prize as well as a recipient of the “Vanguard” honor at the 2007 ASCAP Awards. We predict world domination in for this artist in near future. Just how near? Don’t bat a lash.

A new brand of indie-pop–one that is at once haunting and way danceable.