Infinite x MTV K First Showcase
Big Deal
MTV Iggy Presents Big Deal
London, United Kingdom

Big Deal

Few seasoned guitar instructors meet their doe-eyed, teenage pupils and say, “let’s start a band.”

But the American-in-London Kacey Underwood saw enough talent in his beautiful young English student, Alice Costelloe, to spearhead a unique, and highly un-Googleable duo called Big Deal. Of course, rumors about their chemistry beyond music runs rampant – though, so far, they’re unsubstantiated. However, a band that describes their own music as “seductive” and “sunkissed” with a “wall-of-sound swoon” is certainly aware of their palpable pheromones.

The two set out to drop sexy singles like “Chair,” “Talk,” and “13,” which occupy an uncharted territory between indie-folk, beach rock, and grunge. Featuring two guitars and no rhythm section, Big Deal’s songs are typically reverb-heavy, intimate, melancholy, and highly melodic. Their vocals intertwine in folksy, light-footed harmonized lullabies above the music, which is often heavy, scuzzy, and rock ‘n roll.

Big Deal released their debut album Lights Out in September 2011, but their blog fame is only just igniting. Their untapped, summery, dichotomous music has journalists turning heads, earning them a recent rave in The Guardian and Rolling Stone.

Photo by Jon Baker.